Who, What, Why

Who we are

Substance User’s Society Teaching Advocacy Instead of Neglect is qathet Regional District’s drug user advocacy group. We are a peer based group that meets regularly to talk about issues faced by people who use drugs and collectively solve these issues to improve the lives of peers in our region. We improve lives through connection, communication, education, advocacy and harm reduction

What we do

As individuals, we advise on community programs for people who use drugs. Peers attend meetings, sit at decision making tables, host events, speak at events and educate community members about the needs of people who use drugs. 

As a network, SUSTAIN is a way to still alive. Peers who use opioids care for each other; use together, share naloxone, ensure there are enough harm reduction supplies to go around. Peers advocate for each other, fight for each other and work to make the world a better place for all of us.

We are in the community as people who use drugs. But we also work together on social issues like; preventing and responding to litter, homelessness, preventing poverty, addressing inequality and preventing food waste.

SUSTAIN is a nimble organization that takes on projects based on what our membership is interested in doing. Peers volunteer with the community resource center, food security programming, mom’s for recovery, the community action team, the overdose prevention site, supportive housing, and many other programs and community initiatives.

Why we do this work


We do this work because it is important to us. For us, the opioid overdose crisis is personal, we have all lost loved ones, responded to overdoses, or have overdose ourselves. We feel a responsibility to keep our peers safe and alive. Our members have a diverse range of experiences and many people have at one time or another lived on the street, spent time in jail, and have lived, or are currently living in poverty. Our reason for doing this work is to improve the lives of all people, especially the lives of people who use drugs. Because we know first hand, there is much work that needs to be done.

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